Previous Next Serena Young | Pretty | Energetic | Aggressive ABOUT ME Outcall Serena teaches us that if only we choose to see the good in people, we’ll be able to see the beautiful things that lie within their hearts, no matter how they look … Continue readingSerena


Previous Next Lily Feisty | Loyal | Shy | Social ABOUT ME The story of outcall Lily is all about loving and being aware of yourself. She has her own way of doing things and she isn’t afraid to be judged for it. She also … Continue readingLily


Previous Next Nicole Elegant | Active | Alluring | Fair ABOUT ME Outcall Nicole is the serious one. She’s fearless and practical and always on the right side of things. She has an active character, waiting the right man to tie her down. Try her … Continue readingNicole


Previous Next Claire Artsy | Magnetic | Fearless | Kind ABOUT ME Outcall Claire is a sassy girl who doesn’t envy nor hate. She loves sharing her wisdom to other people and be of help in case of emergencies. She’s also friendly and has a … Continue readingClaire


Previous Next Windy Sexual | Kissable | Lovely | Busty ABOUT ME Outcall Windy is the worst. Many people are scared of her because she’s cruel, wicked, and muscular.  Love her or hate her but we can’t ever forget her! Try to grab her home … Continue readingWindy


Previous Next Alice Alluring | Lovable | Focused | Spirited ABOUT ME Outcall Alice is an emotional bad girl. She likes to deal with the bad guys. She enjoy the moment being punished. The hardcore you are, she love the most. Grab her hard and … Continue readingAlice


Previous Next Sarah Caring | Natural | Motivated | Fragile ABOUT ME Sarah is a nice, curious, and intelligent sexy lady who shows us that kindness always wins. She like adventure from ocean to jungle. Dive with her and get to know her in depth. … Continue readingSarah


Previous Next Nurul Flirty | Sassy | Mature | Organized ABOUT ME Outcall Nurul always wants to get what she wants. She is barbaric sometimes, but she is adorable too. When the way she talk to you softly, your heart will melt. Don’t believe it? … Continue readingNurul


Previous Next Nabila Flawless | Musical | Soft | Petite ABOUT ME Outcall Nabila has been beside Nurul from the very moment she born in KL, Malaysia. She’s kind and always wants to protect the people.  SPECIFICS Nationality: MalayBody Type: SlimStatistics: 34-24-34Height: 156CMWeight: 55KG ADDITIONAL … Continue readingNabila


Previous Next Lyana Friendly | Cute | Complex | Valued ABOUT ME Outcall Lyana, on the other hand, is also fearless and nice but she’s quite sassy and has girly fashion sense. She can read minds and can know other people’s emotions. She’s sweet. Do … Continue readingLyana